Thank you to all

As you will have seen in the media, settings for our Very High Caseload are changing from today.  Also, announcements have been made around Term 2 ‘likely’ changes for schools.  In terms of how we have parents in school, there are very few changes.  If the CHO keeps current projections in place, the main difference will be the fact that we can possibly run our whole school one off ANZAC assembly on 29 April commencing at 9.00am.  There will be some changes due to the unmasked nature of Kindergarten to Year 2.  You will also have seen comments around the reporting requirements for schools.  Again, for the way we have been operating, these will not impact upon you.  I still need you to report to the school:

  • If anyone in your household contracts COVID-19.
  • If you and/or your children are identified as either a Household or Non-Household Close Contact.

As a community we have done an incredible job of keeping the risk to a minimum, by communicating with each other, students correctly wearing their masks in Year 3 to Year 6 and even many in the lower years and parents respecting the request to wear masks as often as possible on school grounds.


I wish you all a fantastic break from school and hope that you get to spend a bit of quality time with your family.  I thank all the staff and students for the way they have dealt with all the challenges thrown at them this term.  We look forward to seeing you all in Term 2. 


All students with identified medical conditions such as allergies, intolerances, and asthma, need to have an ‘annually’ updated plan. Please organise these with your medical professionals and have them at the front office by the commencement of Term 2.  Many of these plans are currently out of date.  Thank you to those who have already provided updated plans.


  1. Any student who is an active member of cubs, scouts, guides, cadets, or similar organisations are welcome to wear their uniform.  Mrs Perry will select a couple of these students for official duties 
  2. We are looking for a current member of the services or reserves who could deliver the ‘Ode’ on the morning.  

Please contact the front office or email Mrs Perry, if you can assist with either of these requests.


Well done to Mrs Dunham for organising such a fun day for our students.  I thank Ms Wintle and the staff of Warwick SHS in providing us with the venue and allowing our parents to attend. Many schools have been forced to cancel these carnivals.  I also want to acknowledge and thank our community members Hannah, Jenny, Peter and Shelby who gave up their time to fill the Lifesaver role.  Without them the event would not have been able to be held.  The children were amazing in their efforts and cooperation.


At the time of writing this newsletter the two positions vacant for 2022 have yet to be filled.  This is because no nominations were received for either category.  Our Chair will be approaching parents who have previously indicated an interest and I will be doing the same with the staff.


The only time that students are to access the formal remote learning processes are if they are recovering from COVID-19 and are well or if they are an identified Close Contact and are well. We have had some parents asking for work because the parent has ‘chosen’ to keep their child home.  These circumstances do not meet the definitions above and, as directed by the Education Department, the absence code will be ‘Unauthorised absence’.


Teachers have completed this testing and will have sent home reports to you.  Please contact your teacher if you did not receive one.  Pre-Primary reports are in Numeracy and Literacy, whilst Year 1 reports are in the Numeracy area only. 


I like to remind our community each year that we all need to work together to protect our school site for our students.  If you see any person on the school grounds outside school hours report them immediately to Education Security on 9264 4771 or the Police on 131 444.  Any cars parked in the Ranleigh Way carpark at night must be reported.  I thank those living near the school for your support in this matter.

Peter Mulcahy