School Uniform Supplier

School uniforms can be ordered from Tudor School Uniforms. They are located at Unit 1/75 Excellence Drive, Wangara. Parents/Carers have the option of shopping online with a flat delivery fee per order, visiting their premises at Wangara or taking advantage of a scheduled collection time from the school office. They can be contacted on 9408 2666 or visit the website via the following link: Tudor School Uniforms

School Uniform

  • Aqua polo shirt with striped collar
  • Girls black skirt or plain long black pants
  • Boys black shorts or plain long black pants
  • Aqua zip jacket
  • Black waterproof zip jacket
  • Sandals or shoes
  • School hat or reversible hat (optional)
  • Greenwood PS Spartan Back Pack (optional)

Sport Uniform

  • Faction coloured T-shirt when required
  • Appropriate footwear
  • School hat or reversible hat (optional)


There are four sports factions: Mookaroo, Kambarang, Djiran and Birak. Children are allocated to factions, on the basis of even numbers of children, in each age group, for each faction.  Siblings are allocated to the same faction.

Naming of Items

Please ensure all books, items of clothing, shoes and personal possessions are clearly marked with your child’s name.  The school staff will attempt to return any lost items that are marked with the owner’s name.  However, no responsibility will be taken for unmarked lost items.

Lost Property

Lost property is located in the administration area. Please enquire at the school office.

General Appearance

Painted fingernails are not allowed, the wearing of make-up, jewellery and choker type necklaces are not permitted. Sleepers or studs are the only permissible type of earrings. Colouring of hair is only allowed on faction carnivals or crazy hair days.

Note that the Department of Education regulations state that hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back. It is Department of Education policy that denim (jeans) not be worn at school.

Sunwise and Hats

It is school policy that children wear their school hat when outside at all times as a precaution against skin cancer.  Only those wearing hats will be permitted to use unshaded areas.  Children are encouraged to come to school with sunscreen on.  Sunscreen lotion is available in every classroom for re-application throughout the day.