Teacher/Parent Interviews

Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss their children’s progress with the class teacher.  Before raising concerns with the Principal or Assistant Principal about your child’s progress, please ensure you have already spoken with the teacher.  In most cases it is the teacher who has the information to most appropriately respond to parent concerns and not the Principal or Assistant Principal.  To avoid disruption of the learning programme, a short note should be sent to the class teacher requesting an appointment.

Please do not expect a teacher to discuss any concerns before school unless urgent. Time before school is important preparation time for teachers. 

A meeting with the Principal (or Assistant Principal) can be arranged by ringing the school on 9243 1143.


Parents are requested to participate in teacher/parent interviews mid Term 1. A formal written student report will be provided at the end of Semesters 1 and 2.  Parents are welcome, to request a meeting with the teacher at a mutually convenient time, should they wish to discuss their child’s progress.