Medical & Health

Health Plans

Forms are available form the school office for you to complete if your child has any health issues the school should be aware of.


A form also needs to be completed if you require your child to be given medication of any kind while at school. Where the school undertakes this responsibility, written instructions are required. Forms are available from the school office and need to be completed in full.


Our first priority in the case of an accident at school is for the wellbeing of students.  procedures are as follows:

  • If possible carry out the appropriate first aid
  • Notify the parents/carers of the child/children involved (where this is not possible the emergency contact will be called)
  • If the school deems the injury or illness to be serious and a parent/carer cannot be contacted, an ambulance will be called. Parents/Carers are responsible for any costs incurred.


Children who are ill before school SHOULD NOT ATTEND.  The school does not have the facilities available for children who are unwell, therefore parents/carers will be contacted. A sick child is the responsibility of the parent/carer.

School Nurse

A trained nursing sister visits the school at various times during the year. The nurse’s duties include checking hearing and eyesight, notifying parents/carers of any problems requiring attention and maintaining all medical records. Where there is cause for concern a parent/carer or teacher may arrange an appointment with the school nurse.

School Psychologist

The school has the service of a School Psychologist. Contact with the psychologist is arranged through the Student Services Manager. Initially parents/carers should see the class teacher regarding concerns that may require consultation. No child is seen by the School Psychologist, unless the school has received parental approval.

School Chaplain

A School Chaplain is provided through a partnership with YouthCare to provide social and emotional support for our students and families. At any time parents/carers can contact the Student Services Manager to initiate a request for Chaplain involvement.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Health Service has a clinic on-site to enable children to access free dental services. The phone number for the clinic is 9203 5611 (Parking available on Ranleigh Way).

All children are issued with permission and medical forms for parents/carers to sign before any treatment takes place.

Communicable Diseases

Exclude until blisters have dried and formed crusts, usually 5 days. Refer any immunosuppressed children (e.g. leukaemia patients) to their doctor. Do not exclude other contacts.

Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased. Do not exclude.

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease
Exclude until all vesicles have formed crusts that are dry. Do not exclude.

Head Lice(Pediculosis)
There is no requirement to keep children home from school or childcare as long as effective treatment begins before the next day of school or childcare. Do not exclude.

Hepatitis A
Exclude for at least one week after onset of jaundice or two weeks after onset of symptoms (if not jaundiced). Do not exclude. Contact management will be coordinated by local public health staff.

Impetigo(School sores)
Exclude for 24 hours after antibiotic treatment commenced. Lesions on exposed skin surfaces should be covered with a waterproof dressing. Do not exclude.

Measles(Morbilli virus)
Exclude for 4 days after the onset of the rash, in consultation with public health unit staff. Do not exclude vaccinated or previously infected contacts. Contact management will be coordinated by public health unit staff.

Meningococcal disease
Exclude until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment has been completed. Do not exclude. Contacts may require clearance antibiotics or vaccination. Contact management will be coordinated by public health unit staff.

Exclude for 5 days after onset of parotitis. Consult with your public health unit staff. Do not exclude.

Exclude until asymptomatic for 24 hours. Exclude until asymptomatic for 48 hours if case is high-risk*. Do not exclude.

(Whooping cough/Bordetella pertussis)

Exclude from work. School, preschool, and childcare (especially where there are infants) for:

. 5 days after an appropriate antibiotic treatment, or

. 21 days from the onset of any cough, or . 14 days after onset of paroxysmal cough.

. 14 days after onset of paroxysmal cough.

Contact management will be coordinated by public health unit staff.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
Exclude until symptoms resolved. Do not exclude.

Exclude until the day after commencing antifungal treatment. Do not exclude.

Exclude until asymptomatic for 24 hours. Exclude until asymptomatic for 48 hours if case is high-risk*. Do not exclude.

Rubella(German measles)
Exclude for at least 4 days after onset of rash. Do not exclude. Refer pregnant contacts to their doctor. Discuss with public health unit staff.

Scabies(Sarcoptes scabiei)
Exclude until the day after treatment has commenced. Do not exclude. Family contacts and those who have had close skin-to-skin contact with the case should be treated.

Streptococcal infections(Group A streptococcus (GAS)/Streptococcus pyogenes)
Exclude until 24 hours after commencement of antibiotics. Do not exclude.

*High-risk case: Person who has a higher risk of transmitting infection or works in a high-risk setting, including health care, residential care and childcare settings; food handlers; children in childcare; and people who are faecally incontinent