Medical & Health

Health Issues

If your child has any health issues the school should be aware of forms are available from the school office.


If a child requires mediactaion to be administered at school, a form needs to be completed and given to the child’s teacher.  Forms are available from the school office.


Our first priority in the case of an accident at school is for the child or children involved.  Our procedures are as follows:

  • If possible carry out the appropriate first aid.
  • Notify the parents of the child/children involved. (Where this is not possible the emergency contact will be called.)
  • If necessary the child will be taken to the doctor nominated on the Admission Card, or, if none is named, to the nearest doctor.
  • In an extreme accident case an ambulance will be called to take the child to hospital.


Children who are obviously ill before school SHOULD NOT ATTEND.  The school has not the staff available for children who need individual attention due to illness, therefore parents will be contacted. The child will be made as comfortable as possible whether in class or in the medical room until a parent/guardian arrives.  A sick child is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

School Nurse

A school nurse visits the school periodically throughout the year primarily for screening of younger children  (K -PP).  The nurse’s duties include checking hearing and eyesight, notifying parents of any problems requiring attention and maintaining medical records.  Where there is cause for concern a parent or teacher may request help by making an appointment with the nurse through the school office.

School Psychologist

If there is concern about academic, behavioural, social or emotional problems affecting the child’s progress at school children may be referred to the school psychologist with parent/guardian consent, by the class teacher or parents may request through the Principal.  No child is seen by the school psychologist, unless the school has received parental approval.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Health Services have a clinic on the school site to enable children from Pre-Primary to Year 7 to access free inspection and treatment of their teeth.  The phone number for the clinic is 9203 5611.
All children are issued with a permission form and medical form for parents to sign before any treatment takes place.

Communicable Diseases

Exclude until fully recovered, or until at least 5 days after the eruption first appears.  Period of communicability 5 days before rash to 6 days after onset of last crop of blisters.  Do not exclude contacts.

Exclude from school until discharge from eyes has ceased.  Contacts are not excluded.

Exclude from school, until effective treatment has been instituted.

MEASLES (Notifiable)
Exclude from school. Readmit on medical certificate of freedom from infection or at least 7 days from appearance of the rash if well.
Contacts not excluded IF immunized.  Children who have NOT been immunized will be excluded for 13 days after the appearance of the rash in the last identified case, unless immunized within 72 hours of first identified case.

Exclude from school.  Readmit on medical certificate of freedom from infection.  Where no medical certificate is available, readmit 14 days from onset, if well.  Contacts are not excluded.

Exclude from school until effective treatment has been instituted.  Inform school immediately if your child has lice.  Contacts are not excluded.

Exclude from school.  Readmit on medical certificate that the child is no longer likely to convey the infection.  Contacts are not excluded.

Exclude from school.  Readmit on recovery or 5 days after appearance of rash.

Exclude from school until effective treatment has begun.