School Rules

The purpose of school rules is to ensure that courteous, sensible and safe behaviour occurs within the school environment.  For that reason, the school has one major school rule and a list of specific rules related back to the major rule and to cover special areas of health and/or safety.


This can be demonstrated by:

  • Walking when on the path, brick paved area, assembly area or inside buildings.
  • Walking your bike/scooter in the school grounds.
  • Staying out of all school rooms unless a teacher is present.
  • Not playing games before school.
  • Not playing rough games, tackling games or throwing objects.
  • Using sports equipment appropriately.
  • Staying in the school grounds during school times unless you have special permission to leave.
  • Not having chewing gum at school.
  • Never picking up a syringe or object that may cause harm. Report it immediately to an adult.