School Board

The School Board is a decision making body that meets to discuss and make decisions on strategic planning for the school community.

The council consists of 6 parent representatives, 2 invited community representatives, 4 staff and the Principal


School Board Members

Board MemberTenure Expiry
Samantha Lakin  (Chair – Parent)1 March 2023
Jessica Howat  (Parent)1 March 2023
Jennifer Stojceski (Staff)1 March 2023
Sarah Malu  (Community Rep)1 March 2023
Peter Mulcahy (Principal)
Maureen Perry  (Staff)1 March 2024
Jane Dalin (Parent)1 March 2024
Hamish West (Parent)1 March 2024
Lina Marsland (Staff)1 March 2024
Glenn Tyrie (Parent)1 March 2023
Tracey Gosling (Community Rep)1 March 2024
Belinda Piccoli (Parent)1 March 2025
 Sharla Oxenham (Staff)1 March 2025

Meeting Minutes