Our Staff

Our teachers are reflective and responsive to student needs and there is quality commitment from the entire school community.

PrincipalMr Dean Gill
Associate PrincipalMrs Maureen Perry
Manager Corporate     ServicesMrs Jai Shadbolt
School OfficerMrs Karen Biddle (Mon-Thurs)
Kindergarten TA1A/BMrs Rebecca Cailes (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Mrs Naomi Miles (Wed)
Education Assistant: Mrs Deb Nowak 
Pre-Primary/Year 1 TA2Miss Courtney Howley (Mon – Thurs)
Mrs Naomi Miles (Fri)
Education Assistants: Mrs Nicole Oliver (Mon, Fri) Mrs Lynda Cook (Tues, Wed, Thurs)
Pre-Primary TA3Miss Amanda Vicary (Mon-Thurs) Mrs Arlene Simmons (Fri)
Education Assistants:  Ms Brigitte Powell (Mon) Mrs Michelle Bright (Tue – Fri)
Years 1/2 TA4Ms Nikki Valentini
Year 1 TA5Mrs Arlene Simmons (Mon, Thurs)
Mrs Lucia Staples (Tues, Wed, Fri)
Year 2 TA14Mrs Heather Canham (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Mrs Emma Mullins (Thurs, Fri)
Year 2 TA15Miss Jennifer Stojceski
Year 3 TA6Miss Kerri-Anne Hannaford
Year 3 TA8Miss Jodie Southern
Year 4 TA9Mrs Lina Marsland
Years 4/5 TA13Miss Tori Gordon-Plint
Year 5 TA11Miss Lauren Westwood 
Year 6 TA10Mrs Sandra Dias
Year 6 TA12Mr Mitchell Bertino
MusicMrs Rebecca Wilson-Boyce (Wed, Thurs -am, Fri)
Phys EdMrs Belinda Dunham (Mon, Wed, Thurs -am, Fri)
ICTMrs Paula Moore (Mon-Wed, Fri: Alt)
LOTEMrs Indhira Made(Mon,Tues, Thurs)
SCIENCEMr Jordan Letcher (Wed, Thurs)
PsychologistMr Tom Moore (Tues)
Library OfficerMrs Sia Fazzalari (Alt. Wed, Thurs, Fri) 
Education Assistants 
(SN and Support)
Mrs Kelly Dower /Mrs Kym Dempster / Mrs Julie Rowbottom /Mrs Paula Ondrak / Mrs Lynda Cook / Ms Brigitte Powell / Mrs Michelle Bright / Mrs Julie Rowbottom / Mrs Sharon Spadek
Kin Education Assist.Mrs Debbie Nowak 
Literacy Education AssistantMrs Sharon Spadek (Tue, Thurs -pm)
Numeracy Education AssistantsMrs Julie Rowbottom (Mon -pm/ Mrs Nicole Oliver (Tues, Wed -pm)
Gardener Mr Nomche Nikoloski (Tues, Thurs, Fri) 
Mr Travis Bowran (Wed)
CleanersMrs Christine Doe (am & pm), Mr Robert Atkinson, Mrs Di Atkinson, Mrs Noi Mutimer
DentistDr Meyer Menahem (Thurs by appointment only)
Dental Therapists Mrs Janet Vladich (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Wed Alt)
Dental Assistants Mrs Cathryn Donner, (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri), Miss Christina Putland (Tues /Wed) Miss Hazel Huynh (Tues)
IMSS – Clarinet Ms Nicole Talbot (Mon -am)
IMSS- GuitarMs Kathleen Hadfield (Wed -pm)
IMSS – BrassMr Ian Easton (Thurs -pm)
School Chaplain Miss Emma Swan (Wed, Fri) 
School Nurse   TBA