General Information

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Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Parents are asked to notify the school immediately of any change of home address, either parent’s business address, telephone or mobile number(s), or any emergency person and their telephone number(s).


If only one parent has legal custody of children, he or she must inform the Principal of access provisions for the other parent and provide a copy of the order to the school. Unless this is done, it will be assumed that all parties have equal access.


Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss their children’s progress with the class teacher.  Before raising concerns with the Principal or Assistant Principal about your child’s progress, please ensure you have already spoken with the teacher.  In most cases it is the teacher who has the information to most appropriately respond to parent concerns and not the Principal or Assistant Principal.  To avoid disruption of the learning programme, a short note should be sent to the class teacher requesting an appointment.

Please do not expect a teacher to discuss any concerns before school unless urgent. Time before school is important preparation time for teachers.  A meeting with the Principal (or Assistant Principal) can be arranged by ringing the school on 9243 1143.


Children must not leave money in bags, desks, drawers or pigeonholes.  If a child is too young to carry money safely on his/her person they should hand it to their class teacher for safekeeping.
Valuable rings, watches and other such expensive items should NOT be brought to school. Staff cannot guarantee their safety.


A school newsletter is sent home or emailed fortnightly when there is not an assembly, with the eldest child of the family at the school.  The purpose of the newsletter is to keep parents informed of school and
P & C Association events and we ask that parents check to see that the newsletter comes home on these Thursdays and that it is read carefully.

Parent Parking

Please use the “Kiss and Drive” parking bays provided at the back of the school.    If you are collecting your child from the classroom, please park in the bays provided on both sides of the school. As a courtesy to our neighbours, please do not park on their verges.

Please do not use the Staff Carpark.  Due to the large number of Greenwood Primary staff this carpark is always filled to capacity.

School Zone

As Greenwood Primary School is located in a School Zone, please observe the 40 Km speed limit.


Please note that dogs are not to be brought onto the school grounds. Teacher/principal permission is required for all other animals.


Strict new guidelines for excursions, in particular water based excursions, are now in place.  Money for excursions/incursions is to be paid to the class teacher at the start of the day – not to the school office.

Parent Involvment

Parents are welcomed into our school to assist teachers in a voluntary capacity. However, all parents and visitors to the school are required by Education Department regulations to sign a “Confidential Declaration” form. They then, of course, work under the direction of the classroom teachers involved.

Under the Education Department’s Duty of Care Policy, parents and/or children are not to be in rooms without a teacher or teacher assistant present, unless in a voluntary working capacity.

Outside School Hours Care

We are proud to partner with 'Zig-Zags OSHC'  to provide our outside school hours care program.  To find out more about the program at our school, including hours of operation, fees and how to register please Email:        or     Phone: 0421 369 516